Online Personal Training

Get 1-on-1 personal training with Charlene from anywhere in the world!

Achieve Your Fitness Goals From Anywhere

With online personal training at Tosum Strong, you’re able to train from wherever you are in the world! Whether you’re in your living room, a makeshift garage gym, or even a small corner in your apartment, I’m here to bring the full benefits of personalized coaching directly to you. My mission is to make your fitness goals achievable, offering the expertise, accountability, and motivation you need, right in the comfort of your own space.

As your online personal trainer, I understand that your fitness journey is unique. That’s why our sessions are tailored specifically to you, focusing on achieving your personal goals—be it improving your overall fitness, building strength, shedding body fat, or enhancing your mobility. With me, online training is more than just convenience; it’s a pathway to transformation. Let’s start this journey together, and I’ll show you how achievable your fitness dreams can be, all with the right guidance and support.

Meet Charlene: Your Online Training Coach

Hey there! I’m Charlene. Between juggling family life and striving to uplift my community, I’ve woven my love for fitness into a career that lets me reach out and help others, no matter where they are.

My background? It’s rich with competition and real-life fitness experiences, holding a WNBF Bikini Pro title since 2017. This journey has equipped me with the insights and strategies to craft effective, enjoyable workout plans tailored to your personal goals and lifestyle.

Why Choose Me?

My training philosophy is all about connection and adaptation. Every person’s fitness journey is unique, and I pride myself on creating programs that reflect that. I’m not just here to guide you through exercises; I’m here to support your growth, challenge you, and celebrate your achievements, big and small!

Your Goals, Our Mission

Whether you’re a beginner, a parent finding your way back to fitness, or someone with sights set on the competitive stage, I’m here for you. My role is to listen, adapt our approach as your journey evolves, and ensure that every step forward is a step towards your ultimate goal.

More Than Just Digital

Online training with me means you get more than just workouts. You get a coach who’s genuinely invested in your success. I’m here to motivate, inspire, and push you towards your best self, ensuring our virtual connection is as strong and impactful as any face-to-face coaching.

Inclusivity in Fitness

I believe fitness should be accessible and enjoyable for everyone. It’s not just about the physical transformation but also about finding joy in the process, respecting our bodies, and celebrating progress. Together, we’ll navigate your fitness journey, focusing on what makes you feel strong, confident, and empowered.

Ready to dive in? I’m here to be more than your trainer; I’m here to be your partner in achieving your fitness dreams. Let’s make it happen, together.

Benefits of Working With an Online Personal Trainer


Flexibility & Convenience

Work out anytime, anywhere. Perfect for fitting exercise into a busy lifestyle.

Personalized Programs

Custom fitness and nutrition plans tailored to your unique goals and preferences.

Accelerated Results

Structured plans and consistent tracking designed to fast-track your fitness achievements.

Online Training App

Track your progress, stay motivated, and seamlessly communicate with Charlene.


Enjoy premium personal training at a fraction of the cost of in-person sessions.

Constant Support

Get the encouragement, guidance, and feedback you need, when you need it.

My Training Specialties & Areas of Focus

Beginners To The Gym

If stepping into the gym feels like stepping into a new world, you're not alone. I remember my first day, the uncertainty and excitement. Let me take your hand and show you the ropes.

Together, we'll explore the fundamentals of fitness, focusing on proper form, building a routine you love, and establishing a solid foundation. Your confidence will soar, and soon you'll navigate the gym like a pro.


Bodybuilding/Physique Coaching

If your goal is to build muscle, lose fat, and achieve a balanced, aesthetic physique, you’re in the right hands. As your bodybuilding and physique coach, I’ll customize a program that aligns with your specific goals, utilizing the latest in fitness and nutrition science. Together, we’ll carve out the physique you envision, showcasing the dedication and hard work you put in.


Strength and Conditioning

Whether you’re looking to elevate your game as an athlete or simply wish to feel stronger in your daily activities, my strength and conditioning program is designed to push your limits and enhance your capabilities. Focused on increasing power, endurance, and overall performance, I’m here to support you in reaching new personal bests and conquering your fitness goals.

Strength & Conditioning

Guiding Indigenous/Mothers/Women to a Healthy Fit Lifestyle

To the indigenous women, mothers, and all women striving for wellness, you hold a special place here at Tosum Strong. I understand the unique challenges you face and am here to offer a supportive and empowering training program. Together, we'll navigate your fitness journey, creating a healthy, fit lifestyle that resonates with your identity and commitments.


What My Clients Are Saying

Flourish Fitness
Flourish Fitness
Hiring Charlene as your next personal trainer is one of the best decisions you could ever make for your health & wellness!! Her passion for fitness and her dedication to each client's success is remarkable. She's not only knowledgeable but also incredibly supportive and attentive to safety and proper technique. Clients love her, and the positive changes she's brought to their fitness journeys are evident. I wholeheartedly recommend Charlene to anyone looking to change their lives and elevate their workout experience!
lori sparow
lori sparow
I am having a fabulous time as an online client. I have work out and diet plans, and lots of support and attention. I am really happy with my body transformation and new diet. I feel great!
Jullianna Charlton
Jullianna Charlton
Charlene has such amazing industry knowledge and interpersonal skills, she is a true professional with a heart of gold! She takes her art and science next level and can help you achieve goals you never imagined possible. Highly recommend !
michelle narang
michelle narang
Charlene is so knowledgeable & supportive. Loving the accountability for myself. Her attention to detail n the workouts is amazing!
Cara Martinello
Cara Martinello
Charlene has always been an inspiration to me since I met her at our gym. She is passionate, genuine and so sweet in her profession and personally🩷 I will continue to recommend her to everyone I meet!
Shari Love
Shari Love
I am a fitness photographer and have worked with Charlene on several photography projects over the past few years. She truly is beautiful on the inside and out. Our most recent project was for the purpose of capturing professional fitness related content for her website, social media and print media! As a client, Charlene went over and above with the collaboration. I had so much fun and she is super easy to work with! It is my professional opinion that anyone looking for a fitness coach and trainer would be so lucky to be working with Charlene and should expect her to go above and beyond designing a personalized program! Her own physique is phenomenal and definitely her best calling card as she absolutely practices what she preaches. Charlene would also be an excellent choice for anyone wanting to be coached toward a bodybuilding show as she has years of experience as a competitor in several federations. Most recently she received 3rd place at the stacked WNBF Calgary Fall Pro Show and will be stepping on stage in Seattle within the next few weeks for WNBF Nationals! Wishing you all the best Charlene and I can’t wait to work with you again soon and love following your journey!
Ivanka Kulasik
Ivanka Kulasik
Charlene is absolutely incredible! She's so motivating and pushes you to reach new heights in your fitness journey. She's also really knowledgeable and always has great tips and tricks to share. Shes also so nice and I never felt judged, great person to be around overall!
Jel Rasri
Jel Rasri
I came to Tosum 3 months ago and I have had a great experience. My trainers Charlene she very professional friendly and knowledgeable .She understands my specific mobility limitations and works around them in ways I would never have thought of, allowing me to get better functional movement while listened to my goals. building strength and avoiding injury.Thanks Charlene YOU’RE THE BEST!!
Lilla Gray
Lilla Gray
Definitely recommend! Charlene has helped me expand my workout knowledge immensely. With Charlene being in the industry for many years she makes me comfortable and safely pushes my limits which I appreciate! Charlene is very kind, patient and always taking care, offering alternatives when needed. I definitely recommend her.
Lena Lu
Lena Lu
I have always been into fitness and training but it was really hard to find the right methods and workouts for my self do to me having a chronic shoulder injury. But then I met Charlene, and heard she needed help with her practical hours. She was able to create a workout/plan that helped strengthen things around my bad shoulder, she was really patient and easy to work with and did best to her ability to make sure I was taken care of in every way. Would definitely recommend her.!

The online Training Process

With online personal training at Tosum Strong, you’re able to train from wherever you are in the world! Whether you want to train in your living room, garage gym, or receive a plan you can take to your local gym, we can tailor a plan to suit your needs and the equipment you have access to!


Determine Training Schedule

First, we’ll establish your training frequency by discussing your goals and evaluating your current activity levels. This step ensures your workout plan fits seamlessly into your lifestyle. Recording your weights in the app during workouts is crucial. This not only helps in tracking progress but is also key for tailoring your training as you advance.


Choose Your Workout Strategy

Next, we decide on starting with full-body workouts, split routines, or a combination, based on what best suits your needs and recovery capabilities. If you’re a beginner, we’ll emphasize mastering form in the initial 8-12 weeks. This period is critical for developing neuromuscular connections through weight training, setting a solid foundation for your fitness journey.


Optimize Muscle Group Training

Lastly, we aim to train each muscle group twice a week, adhering to the FITT principle—Frequency, Intensity, Type, and Time. Our training will incorporate the seven fundamental movement patterns: pull, push, squat, lunge, hinge, rotation, and gait. Regardless of whether you’re training online or in-person, I’m here to guide you every step of the way towards achieving your fitness goals.

Online Training Pricing

Workouts Only


Personalized fitness program
Adjusts to your schedule and equipment
Weekly check-ins
Unlimited Q&A access
Video demonstrations via app
Fitness assessment included
Take your workouts on the go with your personal trainer in your pocket!
Optional: In-Person Sessions in our home gym or at Flourish Fitness (Edmonton only)

macronutrient distribution Only


Custom macronutrient distribution
Aligns with your goals and workout plan
Suggestions for healthier meal options

Workouts + Nutrition


Customized fitness and nutrition program
Flexible to your timetable and available equipment
Regular progress check-ins
Unlimited access for inquiries
Video tutorials through an application
Comprehensive fitness evaluation
Macronutrient planning in line with fitness goals
Guidance for healthier eating choices
Optional: In-Person Sessions in our home gym or at Flourish Fitness (Edmonton only)

Frequently Asked Questions


How Do i Sign Up?

Simply reach out through our contact form or email me directly. We’ll set up a quick consultation to discuss your goals, schedule, and any specific needs you have. From there, I’ll guide you through the sign-up process, and we’ll kick off your personalized training journey.

Can I communicate with Charlene directly?

Absolutely! Through my online training app, you’ll have access to me for guidance, questions, and motivation throughout your 30-day program.


How is my progress tracked?

Your progress is tracked through regular check-ins and detailed assessments via my online app. This allows us to discuss your workouts, any challenges you’re encountering, and make timely adjustments to your program.

What equipment will I need?

Your online training plan can be tailored to the equipment you have access to. Whether you have a full home gym, just a set of dumbbells, or no equipment at all, I can design effective workouts for you. I’m here to make fitness accessible, regardless of your setup.

What happens if I miss a workout?

Life happens, and I understand that completely. If you miss a workout, we can adjust your schedule to accommodate. The goal is consistency, not perfection. I’m here to support you in making this journey work for you.

Is online training as effective as in-person training?

Absolutely. With personalized plans, regular communication, and accountability, many clients find online training to be an incredibly effective and convenient way to achieve their fitness goals. However, if you’re in Edmonton and would like to explore in-person training, be sure to visit my in-person training page!