təʔaw – teachings from TOSUM Ltd

by | Apr 11, 2024

ʔi t̓ᶿok̓ʷ – Good day! 

My name is Charlene Muskego. Currently residing on Treaty Six Territory in Edmonton. I am passionate about the ʔajɛws – physically fit body. I find being active helps nijɛčxʷ kʷ χaχgiɬ – training to be a healer in mind, body and spirit.  

I received my diploma in 2023 as a Personal Fitness Trainer through Northern Alberta Institute of Technology.  I am the owner of ƛasəm (strong) TOSUM Ltd established in July 2023. Being the core values of TOSUM Ltd, is the medicine wheel teachings.

Knowing in my heart, my own late mom’s path was one of the hardest lessons learned in life. “You can’t help someone if they don’t want to be helped.” I always felt there was more out there in the world for me. 

I moved to Alberta when I was 17 turning 18 years old. Making sure my sisters were safe before leaving, keeping in contact over the phone, social media and visiting a couple times over the years. 

The gym has always helped me release emotions of grief, keeping me strong and balanced, as it was my passion when I was a child. If I take care of myself, then I can take better care of my children. The Institute of Child Psychology is an amazing website and free for parents as well to check out. 

With 10 years of experience of training in the gym with heavy weights and being a World Natural Bodybuilding (WNBF) Bikini Pro, placing top 5 in the World in 2021, on my late mother’s birthday; I have developed a deep understanding of the industry.

hoyot nɩgɛ toχnɛxʷ θ  yiyχmeθot. – “It is up to you to make healthy choices. I can only share what I have learned but it is up you if you choose to do it.”  

3 tips to get started today to make healthier choices! 

  1. Mindset – Starting from Within – From “Written as I Remember it”, by Elsie Paul. Interestingly, something which has helped me through my grief period after losing my late mom and late sister in 2020/21 is a quote on page XiX, “The ɬaʔəmen people used to wake up before sunrise and go into a nearby river, and then, as the sun rose, breathe out, blowing air out hard towards the sun several times. When doing so, one’s hands are held to each side of the mouth, and then in one motion, the arms are stretched out forward as if throwing one’s breathe toward the sun. This ritual has been practised with the belief that it would get rid of illness or maintain health, both physically and spiritually. It is used to be practised even during winter; small children and elderly people alike would make their way into the icy river every morning at the crack of dawn.” This is a sacred ritual and not saying we need to start going to the river, you can if you choose. We could start by learning from this by, waking up each day saying, “Emote (thank you).”  

Further (or furthermore), we can take a shower in the morning and finishing it off with cold water at the end. There are a ton of benefits for your body. Meditation for just 5 minutes by focusing on our breathing and slowing down the mind by keeping us grounded. I love yoga as well!  

  1. Commitment of starting small – Starting off with 30 minutes of walking or jogging outside each day. Try parking further from the grocery store, or try taking the stairs over the elevator. If you need more help planning your goals and time to get active. I love using “Living Full Circle” by Jenene Wooldridge inspired by Medicine Wheel teachings. It’s a 52-week undated planner.  
  1. Limiting sugar intake. Less sugary drinks, including alcohol and to drink more water. I usually wake up to drinking 500ml – 1L of water with freshly squeezed lemon in the mornings before my coffee. This is a great way to start your day as well. Drinking 2-4L a day is a great goal. So many great benefits from all these tips. I hope you find this helpful if you choose to begin on your journey of getting healthier.  

Our ancestors believed in taking care of themselves well. It is time we bring this tradition back to our people by helping one another to be more active. By enjoying more fun and engaging activities as a family. One of my favourite activities in the spring/summer is bike rides with my family. Along the waterfront is gorgeous in BC too!  

I will leave you with this beautiful quote, “Be humble, give back, share, pay it forward, chase your dreams, go for it, and take a moment to remember where it is all from.” -unknown. 

Emote, for allowing me to share my heart with you. I hope there was some helpful tips to help get started today! If you wish to have more information or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out and email me. I would be more than happy to respond!